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Men’s Lawn Bowls Shoes – Choosing the Ideal Bowls Footwear

Whether you are a keen lawn bowls player, or have recently joined a club, your choice of footwear is essential to your comfort on the green. The range of styles of men’s lawn bowls shoes has grown over the years and there is now a wide variety of bowls footwear to choose from including traditional soft leather lace-ups, to slip-ons, Velcro fastening and trainer style shoes.

In addition to the style, the colours have changed over time so you will find a wider choice from white to grey or tan bowls shoes and trainers with coloured detailing such as blue, black, white or orange flashes. Whichever type you buy, it is important that you settle for the right fit, as well as design, and if you are opting for more fashionable styles it is always advisable to check the uniform rules with your club first before buying.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for men’s lawn bowling shoes at competitive prices, Bowls World sell an extensive range from leading brands such as Comfortpro, Welkin, Greenz, Emsmorn, Taylor, Drakes Pride, and Henselite. Read on to find out more about Bowls World footwear.

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Men’s Lawn Bowling Shoes – Finding the Right Fit

You spend a lot of time on your feet in lawn bowls, so it is vital that you choose a shoe that not only looks good, but fits properly too. If your shoes pinch too much at the toe or sides, or are too loose, this can affect your performance. The best type to go for are ones that provide a comfy and secure fit at the heel and offer flexibility and support. Here are the types of men’s footwear for sale via the Bowls World website:

Men’s Lawn Bowls Trainer Shoes

Until fairly recently it wasn’t possible to buy trainer style bowls shoes. In fact bowls was one of the few sports that didn’t offer this style of footwear. Now, however, there are a fantastic range of stylish but hardwearing trainer shoes available including the advance selection of Aero ‘Sprint’ and Aero ‘Hurricane’ by Comfortpro (sizes 7-13) which offer a slip resistant sole and a heel which has been designed to help you keep the correct gait on the green.

Other trainer styles include the lightweight Drakes Pride Solar Men’s (sizes 6-12) in grey or white, and the fashionable Taylor Men’s Elite (sizes 6-12) in white with a blue or silver trim. We also stock a full range of Henselite bowls shoes including the popular MPS40 for men in white with blue trim (sizes 7-12), which offers a comfortable fit, breathability and flexibility. All other trainer shoes in the Henselite range have leather uppers and durable heel counters designed for stability. Half sizes are available on most brands of trainers, with the exception of Comfortpro.

Slip-on Men’s Bowls Shoes

An example of a traditional slip-on shoe is the Henselite Victory which comes in two colours – grey or white – and is available in sizes 7-12. Another casual style shoe is the Greenz Modz, which has a leather upper and a detachable EVA inner sock. It is available in sizes 6-12 (white only). However, if you are looking for the ultimate in comfort on the green, the Greenz Bias leads the way. This footwear has been given the thumbs up by bowls players Andy Thomson and Alex Marshall, who call it the world’s comfiest bowls shoe. These grey or white slip-ons are available in sizes 6-12 (Greenz also offer half sizes).

Moccasin Style Men’s Bowls Shoes

Luxuriously soft and comfortable to wear, the Welkin Winner in grey and white (sizes 6-11). bowling shoe is ideal for those who want a wider fit. they are suitable for professional or amateur bowls players.

If you always find yourself always struggling get the right size, one solution is the Emsmorn Richmond Men’s Freestyle Moccasin Lace Up. An excellent buy, it comes with a half size adjuster which can be removed to give a slightly larger fit. Again they feel smooth and flexible under foot and are available in white and grey, sizes 7-11.

Velcro Fastening Bowls Shoes

Not everyone likes slip-on shoes and some people prefer the security of an adjustable shoe, without the hassle of laces. If Velcro fasteners are what you are after, the fashionably stylish leather Welkin Classic Twin Velcro Strap might provide the answer. It is an appealing flexible bowls shoe that comes in two colours – grey or white – and sizes 6-12.

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