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Lawn Bowls – Great Deals on Taylor and Drakes Pride Coloured bowls to Australia

Whether you are a keen bowls player, or have just taken up the game, Bowls World has some fantastic bargains for players throughout the year. Our offers can include anything from great value bowls, to bowls clothing, shoes and accessories. And, if you are a bowls player ‘Down Under’, our latest amazing deals are on Taylor, Henselite and Drakes Pride coloured bowls to Australia – just browse our site to pick up a bargain.

Coloured Bowls to Australia – click here to buy Taylor, Henselite and Drakes Pride coloured bowls.

Australia is by far our biggest overseas market and, as bowls are pricier ‘Down Under’, you can get low cost bowls from us. Even with the shipping included, Australian players can still save over $100 AUD and we are offering astonishing deals on coloured bowls to Australia. Just see our site to find out more on our latest offer.

At Bowls World, we receive lots of positive feedback from players all over the world – just follow the link to read our testimonials. That’s because there’s so many advantages of ordering through Bowls World – we have 20 years’ experience, offer bowls at great prices and provide prompt delivery times. Order from us today and you will receive your coloured bowls between three to five days by DHL. It’s a winning result for our players on the other side of the world! Read on to find out about our latest deal on coloured bowls to Australia.

Our Latest Offers for Players in Australia

Our most recent special offer for Australian players is on Taylor and Drakes Pride coloured bowls. Team up with another player in your club, or order two sets, and you will pay only $335 AUD per set,(exchange rates correct as at 10/04/13, including shipping. That’s amazing value as it’s under half price – so think how many dollars you’ll save!

An advantage of owning coloured bowls is that they stand out from the crowd, so everyone will know which bowl is yours. To personalise your bowls, you can even add an emblem in a colour of your choice, but please bear in mind that this is more expensive and the delivery times are longer.

If you only want one set of bowls, however, you can still take advantage of our great offer by teaming up with another player in your club to buy two sets, which will keep your costs down!

Taylor Coloured Bowls

The Taylor Vector VS, with its narrow bias, is the most popular model we ship ‘Down Under’ as it performs well in the Australian playing conditions. The great news for Australian bowls players is that there are eight Taylor Vector VS coloured bowls for you to choose from – all at bargain prices.

Our selection includes: maroon and red speckle, dark green/green, vanilla sky (a blue and yellow bowl), lime fizz (which has lime green, white and yellow speckles), dark blue/magenta, raspberry ripple (magenta and pink), dark blue/blue and the limited edition Flame.

Our bowls are available in all sizes (from 00 to 5) so you are certain to find what you need. And, if you want an emblem on your bowls, we have dozens of these to choose from; from sea creatures to animals or fun graphics. Or you can email us to have your own initials added. Requesting an emblem for your bowls is a slightly more expensive option and delivery times are longer (five to seven weeks for Australia), so please allow for this when you order.

For the grip, the options are: gripped and plain. Again, the plain grip is made to order, so this will take longer to arrive. This last option is not available in Blaze and International models.

Drakes Pride Coloured Bowls

In addition to the Taylor Coloured Bowls, we also sell Drakes Pride coloured bowls at great prices to Australian Players.

The Professional, Advantage, Jazz and Fineline Drakes Pride models are available in 15 fantastic colours: multi-coloured speckle, maroon with red speckle, black with red speckle, purple and dark blue speckle, red and maroon speckle, red with orange speckle, blue with red speckle, blue with blue speckle, blue and yellow speckle, red with yellow speckle, magenta with red speckle and yellow with red speckle. You can also buy red/orange, blue/red and red/maroon (Please note that these last three colours are only available in sizes 00 to 4).

Most of our Drakes Pride Coloured bowls are available in sizes 00 to 4 with only select colours available in sizes 4.5 & 5. All but Professional are available in the whole, full range of sizes. Again, you can choose an emblem to personalise your bowl, but you must allow longer delivery times for this.

When you order your bowls from us, Advantage, Fineline and Jazz models are made to order, so allow an additional three weeks for delivery (on top of the three to five days for delivery to Australia). As with the Taylor Bowls, the prices we give are for a set of four bowls.

About Bowls World

Bowls World sell a wide range of coloured bowls to Australia, including Drakes Pride and Taylor Coloured Bowls. We also sell bowls clothing, bowls shoes, bowls equipment and bowls accessories to Australia.

Coloured Bowls to Australia – click here to buy Taylor and Drakes Pride coloured bowls.

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