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Bowls World – Henselite MPS40 Shoes Now in Stock

A brand new product for bowls players is the Henselite MPS40 shoe, which has proved so popular that UK importers sold out within weeks of its launch. But the good news is that Henselite MPS40 shoes are still available through Bowls World.

UK Based Bowls World, stock all the latest bowls equipment, clothing and accessories for players in the UK and worldwide. The lightweight Henselite MPS40 training shoes were launched just weeks ago (in December 2012) but quickly flew off the shelves as customers were keen to take advantage of this brand new product.

Here we shall look at the benefits of Henselite MPS40 shoes and how bowls players can benefit from these comfy sports shoes.

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What are the Requirements of Bowls Shoes?

Bowls shoes need to have a flat sole (with no pronounced grip) and this is essential for lawn bowls as it prevents damage to the green.

The colour of your bowls shoes is important too – so check with your bowl’s club to find out what the rules are. The choices are usually grey, brown or white, with white shoes the regulation colour for competitions.

All sorts of stylish bowls shoes are available, for men and women and juniors, ranging from: slip-on bowls shoes to sandals, moccasin shoes, lace-ups and trainer style bowls shoes – so you will always find a style that suits you.

Top Tips to Prevent Injury

When you are buying lawn bowls shoes, as with any other sports shoe, it is always best to seek professional advice first.

Make sure you choose the correct size of bowling shoes, so your feet feel comfortable and supported during the game. This will also avoid blisters from shoes rubbing against your toes or the back or sides of your feet.

Another top tip is to change out of your shoes once you have left the bowling green and into shoes with a grip on the sole as this will prevent injury from slips or falls.

Henselite – A Brief History of the Company

Henselite is an Australian company specialising in high quality bowls, bowls clothing, bowls shoes and others bowls products, including bags and accessories.

The company was founded nearly eighty years ago – and is famous for introducing the first ever plastic bowl in 1930. Henselite now make a variety of bowls to suit various local playing conditions, not only in Australia, but worldwide too.

About Henselite MPS40 Shoes

Henselite MPS40 shoes are in high demand among bowl players as these newly launched trainer style shoes are considered the lightest and most comfortable available for bowls players.

Some of the many benefits are:

Style – Many players are attracted to the fashionable design of these shoes – white with blue detailing. These trendy shoes make you stand out on the bowling green; not only for your performance, but your style too.

Weight – They are an extremely lightweight bowls shoe and are considered the lightest on the market.

Odour Control – The shoes benefit from an anti-bacterial innersole to help with odour control and have a mesh upper for breathability.

Comfort – The inner sole of the shoes are designed with extra cushioning and support. The shoes also benefit from extra width, to provide a better fit.

Flexibility – These trainer style bowls shoes have EVA cushioning on the sole of the shoe, which is designed to flex with the player’s foot movement.

Heat Reduction – Airflow mechanisms stream across the toe of the shoe and the purpose of this is to keep the player’s feet cool, so they don’t get too hot during the game.

Safety – Henselite MPS40 shoes have non-slip soles to help prevent injuries from falls caused by slipping. They also have a lace stabilizer to avoid the laces coming loose during play and causing a tripping hazard.

Stability – These trainer style bowls shoes provide ankle support to help with stability and also to ensure comfort during play.

Longevity – MPS40 shoes benefit from a toe protector to prevent wear on the upper part of the shoe during the game. It also has a fully covered, robust heel counter to help prolong the life of the shoe.

Ease of Use – These bowls shoes have easy grip loops to make it easier to put the shoes on and take them off.

Henselite MPS40 Shoes in Stock in Bowls World

Bowls World sell Henselite MPS40 shoes at very competitive prices and we have some available in stock now.

Considered by some players to be the future of bowls shoes, Henselite MPS40 trainer shoes are available in sizes 7 – 12. We ship to bowls players all over the world and offer free postage for customers on the UK mainland.

About Bowls World

Bowls World sell a wide variety of bowls, bowls clothing, bowls accessories, and bowls shoes for lawn bowls, carpet bowls, indoor bowls and short mat bowls. Our range also includes gift vouchers and books, bowls bags, clearance lines and second hand bowls. We also stock junior bowls equipment, clothing and headwear, as well as bowls club equipment and coaching aids.

Henselite MPS40 Shoes – click here to buy lawn bowls equipment, accessories and clothing online.

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