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Top-quality New Henselite Bowls Shoes Available from Bowls World

Bowls World is pleased to announce that we have extended our range of Henselite bowls shoes.

One of the sport’s best-known brands, Henselite has been making bowls, bowls clothing and accessories for almost a century, and we supply their latest products at competitive prices from our online store.

HL70 Henselite bowls Ladies Shoe

 HL70 Ladies’ Shoe

Part of the Henselite Light range, this is a ladies’ lace-up shoe which comes in either white with white trimmings, or grey.  The upper is a combination of real and synthetic leather and mesh and has a special lightweight outer sole. It comes in UK sizes 3-8, with removable insoles if your feet do not correspond exactly to a full size.

HM70 Henselite bowls Men’s Shoe

HM70 Men’s Shoe

This men’s shoe is also part of Henselite’s Light sports shoe range. It is mainly white with blue design trimmings. The leather/PU/mesh upper is complemented by a special lightweight sole. The HM70 is available in full UK sizes 6-13, with a second detachable insole to help with any sizing problems.

HL72 Henselite bowls Ladies’ Shoe

HL72 Ladies’ Shoe

This grey/black ladies’ shoe is available in UK sizes 3-8 (full sizes only) and also comes with a removeable insole. The upper has three distinct patterns while the outer sole has been specially designed to make it one of the lightest shoes ever on the market.  Laces can either be grey or grey/black. They have been officially approved by both Bowls England and Bowls Scotland.

HM72 Henselite bowls Men’s Shoe 

HM72 Men’s Shoe

The HM72 shoe is the men’s equivalent of the HL72. It is black with a three-patterned woven upper and, due largely to its lightweight sole, is also believed to be one of the lightest shoes ever designed. Laces are black and electric blue. It comes in full UK sizes 6-13 with a second detachable insole. Like the HL72, its black colour means it has been approved for play by Bowls England and Bowls Scotland.

To order any of these Henselite bowls shoes, click here. Our online store also stocks a comprehensive range of bowls, bowls clothing and accessories.

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