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What Makes Lawn Bowls Appeal to Younger Players?

Bowls playing nations have recently undergone a major drive to recruit young players into lawn bowling – and with remarkable success too. In Australia, for instance, the country’s sports commission is encouraging young players to take up the game, and a Young Australian Lawn Bowls Academy has been established to recruit junior bowls players from schools and colleges.

Certainly, the more proactive bowls playing nations – such as America, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia – are a testament to the fact that hard work pays off. Recent years have seen a rise in youngsters joining clubs and competing in local, regional, national and international competitions.

Even in Britain too, more young people are taking up the gauntlet and demonstrating that lawn bowling is not just for seniors. Here, at Bowls World, we sponsor Katherine Rednall, who is making amazing strides nationally and internationally. The 17-year-old Ipswich teenager has been touted for the full England team, and, in recognition of her achievements, in September 2012, she gained Suffolk Coastal’s Young Sports Personality of the Year Award. She’s one of many bowls-playing teenagers worldwide who have become role models for others.

Lawn bowls has long been considered a game for the older generation, and in the You Tube era of adrenalin-fuelled ‘sports’, such as extreme ironing and free running, not ‘cool’ enough to attract the youngsters. However, with teenagers like Katherine proudly making their mark on lawn bowling, and taking it into the future, it looks like this centuries-old game is here to stay.

Bowls World not only sells lawn bowls clothing and equipment for adult players, but younger players too, and we have range of junior bowls clothing in sizes small and 8-10 upwards. We also sell junior bowls and accessories and junior bowls shoes in sizes 3 upwards.

Lawn bowls has always been an all-inclusive game, for any age and ability, and, as the saying goes: ‘it is suitable for players aged 9 to 90.’ It is a great game for youngsters who don’t like the idea of a contact sport, and is ideal for those who want to let off steam, compete, and find a social outlet. And, with some clubs offering more relaxed rules on dress codes, as well as a range of different bowls which are available – such as coloured bowls, bowls with hard hitting names such as ‘Blaze’, and bowls with personalised logos – it is easy to see why the game is appealing to younger players.

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Lawn Bowling – 4 Main Reasons Why Juniors take up the Game

Here’s just some of the reasons why juniors are motivated to get started and take up lawn bowling.

Follow in the Footsteps of a Role Model – Whether it is flicking through the TV channels and deciding ‘lawn bowls is for me’ or being brought up in a bowls playing family, bowls provides role models to look up to. Having a role model is one of the main reasons why juniors join the game, as they follow in the footsteps of a parent, grandparent, other relative or friend, who takes them to a local club and shows them how to play. Taster sessions are also proving popular, where youngsters can have a go at outdoor bowls and decide whether the game is for them.

Compete at a Local or International Level – Most young players take up the sport as a hobby, but those who have a competitive edge may be motivated by financial reasons. For juniors who show true talent for the game, there is plenty of opportunity to play at a local, regional, national or even international level. And, for big matches, the best players have a chance to get their hands on major prizes too, with winners gaining as much as £50,000 for some international games.

Take up a Hobby they will Enjoy – It’s not everyone’s dream to run around a football or rugby pitch, but the good thing about lawn bowls is that it is a sport that everyone can take up, regardless of ability. Bowls has shown to improve concentration, and co-ordination, and, whether young people play at a competitive level or for fun, it all helps towards improving self-esteem.

To Have a Social Outlet – Bowls is a great way of meeting people and making new friends. Young people have the chance to compete and socialise with people their own age, and older people too, and some bowls clubs have restaurants and ‘chill out zones’ where players can relax and unwind. Some bowls club are very much part of the community and offer the chance for young people to get involved in hosting events, or raising money for charity. If you feel the game is for you, visit your local club, and find out what facilities they have.

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