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Lawn Bowls South Africa

Lawn bowls in South Africa has a history that dates back 140 years. The game was introduced to the country by a group of English settlers and the first South African bowl’s club started up in Port Elizabeth in 1882. The game now has some 30,000 registered members.

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Here we shall look at a brief history of lawn bowls, South Africa, and look at how to buy bowls clothing and bowls equipment in South Africa.

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History of Lawn Bowls South Africa

The first ever bowls green in South Africa opened at St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth, in 1884, although the first ever competitive game to win a trophy – a pair of bowls – took place there a year earlier.

Bowls in South Africa caught on and the country’s first ever inter-club bowling tournament was held at the same venue in 1894, in a competition between the Port Elizabeth and Kimberly clubs.

As the membership grew, three more greens opened at St George’s Park. English born politician and businessman, Cecil John Rhodes, the founder of the world-leading diamond company De Beers, opened the third bowling green at St George’s Park in 1896 and a fourth, called ‘Prince of Wales’, opened in 1926. In 1928, South Africa joined the International Bowling Board.

Now there are an amazing 600 bowls clubs in South Africa and the country fares well on the international scale. In Johannesburg in 1976, they became the only country ever to win every event at the Men’s World Championships.

Prior to this, the South African Bowling Association was established in 1904 and this became the official body for lawn bowl’s South Africa. The South African’s Women’s Bowling Association was founded in 1935 and the two merged in 1966 to become Bowls South Africa.

Bowling for All Abilities

Lawn bowling is very much a game for all, regardless of age and ability. In fact it was South African – Dr Julius Sergay – who introduced lawn bowling for the blind in the early 60’s and set up the International Blind Bowler’s Association in 1977. Now there are a dozen membership countries and blind lawn bowling is played at both the Commonwealth Games and the Paralympic Games.

Bowls Clothing South Africa

As in all countries, there are set rules to follow for bowls clothing in South Africa, particularly at competition level. Men and women must wear approved head wear and all caps must have their peak facing forward.

Men’s bowls clothing, South Africa will consist of a shirt, full length trousers or knee length shorts and white angle socks. Bowls clothing for women in South Africa will either be a bowling dress, skirt or tailored slacks, and a blouse with a collar.

Both men and women must wear conventional shoes (with a smooth sole) or conventional sandals.

Bowls World sell bowls clothing to players in South Africa including clothing for men, women and juniors. We sell a wide range of clothing for all weather conditions and this includes headwear, such as caps, visors and sun hats. We also sell shirts, trousers, skirts, blouses, socks, jackets, gillets, fleeces, jumpers, and a variety of waterproof hats and clothing.

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Bowls Equipment South Africa

Bowl’s World sell Taylor, Henselite and Drakes Pride bowls equipment and accessories to players in South Africa and worldwide. This includes a selection of heavy bowls to suit the playing conditions in South Africa.

In addition, we sell a range of accessories such as gifts, vouchers, club equipment and coaching aids. Overseas orders take from 3 – 4 days to arrive and are sent by UPS, so your order is trackable throughout.

How to Buy Bowls Equipment and Accessories South Africa

Once you have made your online selection all you have to do is to key in your address to find out the total – including shipping costs – before you buy.

We have included a currency converter to make it as easy as possible for you, so you can find out the exact total in South African Rand before purchase.

Bowls Equipment South Africa – click here to buy online.

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