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All About Lawn Bowling Gloves

Whether you are a beginner, or have been playing bowls for some time, one of the ways to improve your performance is by investing in lawn bowling gloves. Gloves have become so popular that millions of male and female players in the UK and worldwide just wouldn’t be without a glove on the green.

Here at Bowls World, we sell a variety of lawn bowls clothing, shoes, bowls, and accessories including gloves, polishes, grip wax, gripping agents, cloths, towels and gift sets (which include a combination of products). This article takes a brief book at the history of lawn bowling gloves, the benefits, and the type of left or right hand gloves available through Bowls World.

The History of the Bowling Glove

Lawn bowls accessories developed through generations, although little is known about how the bowling glove came about. It is likely that it was first used on the green to ward off the cold, and players realised it helped improve their grip on the bowl.

USA deerskin glove specialists Hilts-Willard, founded in the late 19th century, produced a white, two finger and thumb bowling glove with a strap in the early part of the 20th century. Just like today bowling gloves were sold in singles, rather than a pair. The adverts at the time said the gloves were designed to protect the bowlers’ hand (during games and matches), and they were sold for $2 each.

In 1959, ten pin bowling champion Don Carter was said to have designed the ‘original bowling glove’, a fingerless nylon elastic and capeskin leather glove. It was designed for better control, comfort and perspiration absorption, and was advertised extensively in the 60s for $4.95.  It is likely that sporting accessories such as these may well have had an influence on lawn bowling gloves.

The Benefits of Lawn Bowls Gloves

Lawn bowls gloves have numerous benefits. The principal one is that they give a bowls player a firmer grip on the bowl, and the amount of grip is often so secure the bowl can be picked up with just a finger and thumb. While some players prefer to hold the bowl directly with their hands, others feel that the glove gives them a better delivery – which hopefully means better scores!

All weather gloves are just for that – they can be used in all weather conditions, including in wet weather. They also provide extra support (to help prevent injury) and offer more comfort for players of all abilities. A further benefit of these gloves is that it helps keeps the hand warm in cold weather conditions.
Lawn bowls gloves are sold singly for ladies and gents players, and are designed for either the right or left hand (the choice of which depends on the delivery hand). Although leather is the traditional option for bowling gloves, there are some excellent synthetic grip gloves available.

Bowls World sells lawn bowls products all over the world including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Not only are our products sold at competitive prices, but we also offer free postage to the UK mainland, with the option of next day delivery (when specified at the checkout) for this particular product.

The OBG All Weather Bowls Grip Glove

This popular, all weather glove sold by Bowls World is available for male and female players and helps with grip whatever the weather conditions. We sell these white synthetic gloves in sizes small, medium, large and extra large (although we don’t have small sizes of gents’ bowls glove available in this design).
A bestseller, the OBG All Weather Bowls Grip Glove benefits from an elasticated wrist band, for better flexibility, and a Velcro fastener to provide the perfect fit. Further benefits include ventilation holes to aid circulation and to allow for additional comfort on the green.

Bowls gloves are supposed to be quite tight-fitting to get the right grip; but as these gloves are small in size, we advise players to buy the next size up. Click on the link below to buy.

Lawn Bowling Gloves – Click here to see our full range of competitively priced bowls, clothing, shoes and accessories.

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