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Ladies Lawn Bowling Shoes – Choosing the Right Footwear for You

Whether you have taken up lawn bowls for the first time, or are an experienced player, as with all sports it is important to wear the right footwear so you can play in comfort without injury. It was not too long ago when ladies lawn bowling shoes were limited in style and choice. Fortunately, club rules and fashions have changed over time and there are now a variety of bowls shoes on the market.

It is important to note that if you are buying lawn bowl shoes – whether it is in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas or Australasia – you should check with your club first to see what the uniform rules are. For everyday bowls wear, many clubs have steered away from a strict, all white uniform and instead offer a more relaxed dress code. Many allow players to wear grey bowls trousers or skirts, and sports shirts or tops with various coloured designs or detailing. The same goes for shoes too: as well as lace up white or grey ladies lawn bowls shoes, women’s footwear now includes appealing fashion items such as trainers with pink, blue, silver or purple detailing, and attractive slip on shoes and sandals that are both comfortable to wear and provide flexibility in play.

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Read on to find out more about the Bowls World range of ladies lawn bowling shoes and the importance of finding the right fit.

Ladies Lawn Bowling Shoes – Finding the Perfect Footwear

Lawn bowls has been a popular sport for generations of women the world over, and in the UK it was historically played among the nobility. In fact, Anne Boleyn and Queen Victoria are just two famous names who played lawn bowls.

In Australia, the game was played by women as far back as the 1800’s, although the first women’s bowls club was not established until the 1920’s. Australia made bowls history in Brisbane in 1982, when the Commonwealth Games hosted women’s lawn bowls for the first time – some 50 years after the games were launched.

As more women take up the sport, the range of lawn bowls clothing available has been extended and now includes Lydiard, Welkin, Emsmorn, Taylor and Henselite footwear. With such a wide variety of bowls shoes on the market, women can now choose footwear for aesthetics as well as comfort, and this is likely to go a long way in attracting younger female bowls players to the game.

Here is just a brief glimpse at some of the ladies lawn bowling shoes available:

Traditional Lace up Bowls Shoes: The Emsmorn Freestyle Libra shoes are a popular option for ladies looking for a wider fit. They are slip resistant and benefit from a half style adjuster – so if your foot is a little larger, or smaller, you can change the fit by taking the device out, or leaving it in the shoe. Bowls World sell the Freestyle in grey or white and in sizes 4–8. With a soft leather upper, the Crown Charlotte is another good buy and is available in two colour options, grey and white, and in sizes 3-8.

Moccasin Ladies Bowls Shoes – The Welkin Winner shoe is soft and comfortable to wear. Choose from grey or white, sizes 3-8, although the white colour option is not available in sizes 4 and 5.

Decorative Lace up Bowls Shoes – If you would like to buy lace up bowls shoes with detailing, the Greenz Camille not only looks appealing, it has been praised by big name bowls players for its comfort. This shoe is available in sizes 3-8, including half sizes, and in colours grey and white.

Trainer Style Ladies Bowls Shoes – The Taylor Elite Ladies shoe can be ordered from Bowls World with a lilac or silver trim and limited edition colours are sold on occasions. These shoes are known for their stability in play and are sold in sizes 4.5-9 (some half sizes are available). The Drakes Pride Solar trainer shoe is robust and lightweight and is sold in grey and white, sizes 3-8. Other fashionable options include the Drakes Pride Cosmic Ladies Trainer (with blue, pink, or silver trim) sizes 3-8 (plus half sizes), the Henselite LPS40 (with blue trim) sizes 3-8 and the Tiger Sports Ladies Trainer shoe (silver trim), sizes 3-8 with some half size options.

Slip On Ladies Bowls Shoes –The Greenz Vicky is light weight and flexible with a non-slip sole, and it has attractive detailing so you can be fashionable as well as practical on the green. These shoes are sold in grey and white, sizes 3-8, with several half size options.

Ladies Bowls Sandals – Sandals are a great option for female players during the summer season. Flexible and soft, the Greenz Shez Sandal is available in white, sizes 3-8 (including half sizes).

With bowls shoes, as with any other shoe, it is vital to buy the right fit to ensure your safety and comfort on the green. The right type of bowls shoes will offer stability, support and flexibility, and will help enhance your performance during the game. Your ladies’ lawn bowling shoes should not be too tight or too loose to wear, and it should fit snugly and comfortably at the heel.

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