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Junior Bowls

Interest in junior bowls is growing rapidly. The children of existing players naturally want to have a go at the sport they see their parents enjoying so much. But as bowls gets increasing publicity via TV, and the national teams continue to have good success in competitions, more and more children and youths without bowling parents are becoming interested in the sport.

Bowls manufacturers have been eager to supply the new and growing junior bowls market. Not least because junior bowls players grow up to become adult bowls players, and brand loyalties established at a young age can last a lifetime.

Bowls World sell a range of equipment, clothing and shoes to meet the needs of the junior bowls player, available for delivery within the UK or overseas.

Junior Bowls – click here to buy junior clothing, bowls and shoes online

About Junior Bowling

The earliest age a child can start to get a feel for the sport is around age 6, using carpet bowls at home. To start club bowling a child would typically be aged 9 or over.

The best way to get started is to find a local indoor club that has a junior section and CRB accredited coaches. If you would like help finding a local club please contact us at Bowls World and we’ll be happy to help put you in touch.

Most of the 300 Indoor clubs across the country have junior sections, as do a few of the bigger outdoor clubs. There are under 16 leagues, under 18 leagues, and various tournaments across the UK and there is an International Under 18 England Team. Under 12’s will need to be accompanied by a parent, but most parents like to watch their children play.

And if you’re worried about the cost of bowls and clothing for a sport they haven’t really tried yet, don’t worry. Most clubs will supply shoes and bowls to try the game initially. If they like it, they can then usually play in their school trousers and polo shirts, and would just need to purchase shoes and their own bowls.

Junior Bowls

For ages approx 6-9 we recommend a set of carpet bowls. We sell Henselite Home Carpet Bowls which are significantly smaller than the standard size bowl and come in sets of 8 (providing bowls for 2 players) and includes a jack. These are great for letting a young child have a go in an informal environment and to develop some basic skills.
For ages approx 8 to 11, we’d recommend a set of Taylor Junior Ace Bowls, especially if a child has begun playing at a club. They are made to the same standard and play in a very similar way to Taylor’s Ace model, enabling the development of bowling skills which will transfer easily to full size bowls later on. They are approximately 1 inch smaller in diameter than an adult bowl, making it easier to develop a proper grip, and they are available in a range of appealing colours: Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange.

For ages 12 and over, a child will start to use a standard bowl, choosing one of the smaller sizes, depending on the size of their hands. A club will usually be happy to advise a junior player about when they need to move up to a larger bowl size.

Junior Bowls Clothing

Bowls World provide clothing suitable for junior players, with many of our men’s and ladies clothing items being available in extra small sizes to suit ages approximately 13 upwards.

Smaller sized clothing from the ladies range includes:

Emsmorn Skirts, Trousers and Cropped Trousers
, Grey or White from size 10.

Taylor Melrose Top, White with grey piping, from size Small.

Taylor Orion Blouse, White with choice of turquoise, lime, peach or violet sleeves and side panels, from size Small (8/10).

Taylor Flexi-Dry Waterproof Jacket, White with grey details, from size Small.

Smaller sized clothing from the men’s range includes:

Taylor Sports Trousers, White, from 32 inch waist.

Henselite Tiger II Polo Shirt, with choice of black/grey or black/orange trim, from size Extra Small.

Taylor Flexi-Dry Waterproof Pullover, White with grey details, from size Small.

In addition we have unisex White Chino Trousers with smaller waist sizes from 26 inch waist.

Sizes will vary on garment, but as a guide for chest size, XS=30/32, S= 34/36, M=38/40, L=40/42, XL=42/44, XXL=46.

Junior Bowls Shoes

We have several trainer style bowling shoes, suitable for boys or girls, available from size 3.

Drakes Pride Solar: A unisex lace up trainer style shoe with very restrained detailing. Available in White or Grey, sizes 3 to 12 including half sizes.

Drakes Pride Cosmic: A lace up trainer shoe from the ladies range. Available in White with choice of blue, pink or silver trim, sizes 3 to 8 including half sizes.

ComfitPro Ladies Champion: A lace up trainer shoe with side detailing, from our ladies range. It has a napa leather upper and is also leather lined for comfort. Available in White, sizes 3 to 8.

The ComfitPro Reactive (White with dark grey detailing, sizes 7 to 8) and ComfitPro Saturn (White with grey detailing, sizes 7 to 12) are both lace up trainers with leather interior from our men’s range.

Henselite Tiger Sports: A unisex lace up trainer with side detailing in light grey. Available in White, sizes 3 to 12.

Please note: VAT is charged on all these models as they are not classed as children’s footwear.

Junior Bowls – click here to buy junior clothing, bowls and shoes online

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