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Henselite Grippo Tubes: Bowls Polish

Bowls World sell a variety of indoor and outdoor bowls, clothing, and accessories, including a range of bowls polishes such as Henselite Grippo Tubes, which is the most popular bowls polish product worldwide.

We also sell Crackajack Tubs, Taylor Grip Wax and Champion Spray Grip/Polish to bowls players throughout the UK and globally.

Bowls are expensive products that can cost anywhere between £130 to £250 to buy new, so it is important to look after them. If you keep your bowls clean and polished it will help improve your game.

This is because a bowl that is well maintained and cared for preserves its running surface and you will be able to sell it on for a better price if you want to change your bowl or upgrade to the latest model in the future.

Grippo bowls polish, or one of the other makes we stock, will not only give your bowls a shiny surface, but it will also improve your grip and the control of the bowl.

So with bowls polish, such as Henselite Grippo Tubes or Tubs, it means you can perform better in all occasions – at club, regional or even national and international level!

Henselite Grippo Tubes – click here to buy online.

Henselite Grippo: About the Product

Australian manufacturer Henselite has been producing bowls products, clothing, footwear and accessories, including bowls polish, for nearly 80 years.

Henselite Grippo Tubes is the fastest selling bowls polish, not only in the UK but also world-wide.

Grippo bowls polish is available as a pair of tubes but, to save money, you can buy as a club and purchase boxes of thirty. Clubs often bulk buy bowls polish and this means that you can save as much as £1.34 off two tubes.

Grippo Bowls Polish: How to Use It

It is advisable to use your Henselite Grippo Tubes at least once a week to keep your bowling ball in tip top shape.

It is easy to use, just follow these steps to help protect your bowl against wear and tear and improve your game. Grippo bowls polish will also help get rid of small scratches from you bowling ball.

Your Step by Step Guide to Using Henselite Grippo Tubes:

Step 1: The first thing you would have to do is to clean the bowls using hot water and mild detergent or a soap.

Step 2: The next step would be to rinse the cleaner off and wipe your bowl down with a towel or soft cloth before allowing it to dry.

Step 3: You would then apply Henselite Grippo sparingly, with your fingertips direct to the bowl (top tip: you don’t have to use too much).

Step 4: Lastly, let your bowl air dry then buff it with a soft bowl’s cloth or polishing sleeve. Then, once your bowl is clean, it is important to store it in a proper carrier or bowls bag to keep it in the best condition.

Improving Your Grip with Henselite Grippo

You can also apply the Grippo bowls polish direct to the tips of your fingers so that you can get a better grip on the bowl.

Your grip should be comfortable and firm so you can concentrate on the delivery of the ball and give it your best performance.

Other Bowls Polish Products Sold By Bowls World

Bowls World sell not only Henselite Grippo Tubes & Tubs, but also other products to help maintain the surface of your bowls

Henselite Grippo Tubes – click here to buy online.

Bowls Cloths

Emsmorn Wet and Dry Towel – A highly absorbent towel used to remove dirt and moisture. Use it damp for grip or dry for polishing and cleaning.

Henselite Bowls Towel – Suitable for cleaning and polishing. Has the Henselite logo.

Emsmorn Bowls Towel – Ideal for cleaning and polishing. Has the Emsmorn logo.

Budget Chamois – Low cost chamois for polishing.

Henselite Deluxe Chamois – Original Henselite chamois for easy dry and polish.

Henselite Polishing Cloth – Hardwearing, washable flannelette in white.

Henselite Bowls Polishing Sleeve – To use for polishing or to achieve a secure grip on the bowl.

Gift Sets and Polishing Kits

Henselite Gift Set – Great gift set containing: spray chalk, a score card holder and pencil, bowls towel and tube of Betts Cream Polish.

Drakes Pride Gift Set 1 – Ideal gift set for bowls players containing: polishing duster, Bowls Sheen Cleaner, Betts Grip Wax and 4 Multi-Angle Wedges.

Drakes Pride Gift Set 3 – Perfect for all bowls players and contains a set of rubber wedges, a leather accessories pouch, Drakes Pride Superlock measure, a scorecard wallet and Drake’s Pride spray chalk.

Henselite Polishing Kit – Fantastic for keeping your bowls in tip top shape and contains a tube of Henselite Grippo, a polishing sleeve and a white polishing cloth.

Grips and Polishes

2 x Taylor Bowls ‘Grippit’ Cloth – To improve grip and performance. Keep it damp in a re-sealable bag to use when required during the game.

2 x Packets of Buldog Grip – Each of the two packets contain two blocks of Buldog Wax for extra grip on the bowl.

2 x Crackajack Tubs – Gripping and polishing agent for all round use. Suitable for wet conditions.

2 x Henselite Wilgrip – For grip. Can also be used in wet conditions.

Henselite Wilgrip Box of 30 Tubes – Bulk buy which will save you money.

2 x Henselite Grippo Tubs – Product for polish and grip.

2 x Henselite Grippo Tubes – Best seller for grip and polish.

Henselite Grippo Tubes Box of 30 Tubes – Ideal for bulk buy.

2 x Taylor Grip Wax – Ideal way to take control of your bowl.

Champion Spray Grip/Polish – Less mess and easy to use spray can, which is especially popular in Australia.

Bottle Bowls Sheen – Keep your bowls clean and polished with this product, which removes chalk spray dirt and grip wax. For composition bowls.


Men’s Leather Grip Glove – Right handed, latex, leather backed glove.

Ladies’ Leather Grip Glove – Right handed latex, leather backed glove.

All weather Grip Glove – Ideal for grip in cold or wet weather.

Henselite Grippo Tubes – click here to buy online.

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