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Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls

When the Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls were launched in May 2009, the CEO of Drakes Pride, Mike Eggington said he was ‘…expecting this particular model to prove extremely popular, both indoors and outdoors’. And so it has proved to be.

Bowls World have been selling Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls for some time and it’s been highly popular amongst our customers. Its sleek modern design appeals to younger players and its wonderfully consistent playing characteristics are appreciated by experienced players. But what exactly does the Drakes Pride Jazz bowl offer and what lies behind its success?

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About Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls


The Drakes Pride Jazz Bowl has taken 2 years to develop and is a response to demand from Drakes Pride customers. But the Jazz isn’t just a tweaked version of the Professional. It’s been designed from scratch with input from academics in the fields of mathematics and geometry, as well as several of the world’s top bowlers (Mark Royal, Robert Weale, Rob Newman and Simon Skelton are all reported to have been involved). The result is something genuinely new, based on a combination of good design theory and practical experience from expert bowlers.

The shape of the Drakes Pride Jazz Bowl is specially designed to have a dual bias. The main bias controls the majority of the bowl’s travel path, but as the bowl slows down it gently switches over to a second, weaker bias, which controls the finish. This helps to give good control with extremely consistent finishing – a feature appreciated by beginner and pro alike.

An additional innovation is the completely new grip, with pairs of dimples around the outside of the bowl, designed to making holding the bowl easier – although the traditional plain grip is also available. The draw of the Jazz is significantly wider than that of the Professional, making it especially good for outdoor grass surfaces, although it will also play indoors quite happily. The combination of high performance and consistency makes the Jazz suitable for all players from beginners right through to international bowlers who require a touch more draw to the jack.

The Jazz is available in heavyweight only, sizes 00 to 5.

As well as the standard black bowl, we supply a large selection of colours including Red, Mid blue, Maroon, Speckled Magenta/Red, Speckled Blue, Speckled Maroon and Speckled Black/Red (all sizes), Purple/Dark Blue and Magenta/Red (sizes 00 to 4.5) and Speckled Blue, Speckled Blue/Maroon or Speckled Blue/Yellow (size 5).

No longer Available.

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