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Drakes Pride Bowls

At Bowls World we supply a wide range of Drakes Pride Bowls including Drakes Pride Professional Bowls, Drakes Pride Advantage Bowls, Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls and the latest addition to the range, Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls.

Made by a British company that can be traced back to the 1820’s, Drakes Pride Bowls have a well deserved reputation for high quality and consistent performance, and are widely used at competitive levels.

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About Drakes Pride Bowls

The Liverpool based Drakes Pride company as we know it today came into existence in 1982, as the production of wooden (Lignum Vitae) bowls ended and the industry moved to Phenolic Thermoset. Drakes Pride was amongst the first to embrace computer technology into its design and manufacturing process and it is their use of computer controlled turning machinery which lies behind the high levels of accuracy and consistency of all the Drakes Pride Bowls ranges.

But Drakes Pride Bowls aren’t just about the technology. They put great emphasis on listening to the needs and requirements of grass roots players and basing the design of their products firmly on those needs. The Drakes Pride Jazz Bowl, launched in 2009, is a great example of this customer-led approach.

While there are other bowls manufacturers of course, Drakes Pride is a favourite choice among many traditionalists as they are the only English bowls manufacturer. Drakes Pride Bowls are now exported all over the world, and used by some of the world’s top players including Robert Weale, Commonweath Games gold medallist in 2010.

There are currently 4 different Drakes Pride Bowls models on the UK market: Advantage, Professional, Jazz and Fineline. There are Drakes Pride models suitable for indoor and outdoor bowling and they can be used on grass or artificial surfaces (see sections below for more detail about which model is best suited to which playing conditions). So, no matter what your playing level (beginner, experienced club player or a professional) you’re sure to find a set of Drakes Pride Bowls to suit you.

Drakes Pride also manufactures a complete range of bowling equipment and accessories, many of which are stocked by Bowls World.

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls

This is the most popular Drakes Pride Bowl in the UK, appealing to beginners and pros alike.

It has a highly consistent medium draw, an easy to read line and a constant finish, with no hook.

The Professional is a good all round bowl that plays well on almost any surface, grass or artificial, indoors or out. This makes it a good value model for someone who plays on different surfaces but doesn’t want to have to buy multiple sets of bowls. It’s also a perfect choice for someone who just likes to get to know one set really well.

With this level of versatility and playing qualities, it’s little wonder the Drakes Pride Professional has been around for over 20 years and is still a best seller.

The Professional is available in medium and heavyweight, sizes 00 to 5 and some half sizes to order, dimple gripped or plain.

As well as black it is also available in a good range of colours including Red, Mid blue, Maroon, Speckled Magenta/Red, Speckled Blue, Speckled Maroon and Speckled Black/Red (see order page for full range of colour options).

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Drakes Pride Advantage Bowls
The Drakes Pride Advantage Bowl is designed for fast indoor surfaces and is a good choice if you play difficult narrow end rinks. It is therefore best suited to experienced players.

It has the narrowest draw of the Drakes Pride range, giving you a faster and more direct line to the jack, making it a good choice for a leads bowl. It is available with dimple grips or plain and is available in heavyweight only.

Sizes available are 0 to 5, whole sizes only, and a good range of colours (see order page for full range of colour options).

Drakes Pride Advantage Bowls – click here to buy online

Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls
The Drakes Pride Jazz Bowl is a newcomer to the range, arriving in 2009 following 2 years of intensive development, when it proved an instant hit with players.

It has a modern design with a unique Two Dimple feature for improved grip, and has a much wider draw than either the Advantage or the Professional. It has been designed with outdoor play in mind, but still has the constant draw line of the Professional. Its innovative ‘dual bias’ design gives it a very consistent finish, making it a good choice for beginners, but this consistency makes it just as appealing to the more experienced player.

Available in heavyweight only, sizes 00 to 5 (whole sizes only) and a good range of colours (see order page for full range of colour options).

Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls – click here to buy online

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls

The Drakes Pride Fineline Bowl is the most recent addition to the range, and its reputation was sealed almost instantly, when Robert Weale used it at the Delhi Commonwealth Games to win Gold Medal in the Men’s Singles.

It has a draw midway between that of the Professional and the Advantage, marking them out as a bowl most suited to the experienced player. It handles in a very similar way to the Professional making it an ideal choice for the player who loves their Professionals and who wants to step up their game a little, but doesn’t feel quite ready for the Advantage.

It’s a good, stable bowl which finishes well, largely due to its ‘balanced arc sole shape’. The bowl also features Drakes Pride’s new Forty Dimple grip, an innovation which is both attractive and functional.

Available in sizes 00 to 4, heavyweight only and a good range of colours (see order page for full range of colour options).

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls – click here to buy online

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