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Comfitpro Shoes and Clothing

Here at Bowls World, we stock all you need for your comfort on the Green. Our selection includes leading brand names such as Henselite, Emsmorn, Taylor, as well as the newest addition to our range, Comfitpro. Our new products include a collection of bowls, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories which have had the thumbs up from some top names in professional bowls.

Comfitpro Shoes and Clothing – Click here to see our full range of Australian based Comfitpro products.

About Comfitpro

Comfitpro is an Australian company best known for its sought after Aero Bowls, a competitively priced bespoke range of bowls known for their accuracy and precision. Various leading bowls players have helped put their stamp on the design – Brett Wilkie, Mervin King and David Bolt – to name a few, which has all helped steer the bowls into the limelight. Along with an excellent selection of coloured bowls, Comfitpro also produces high quality footwear and clothing. Browse our website to see Australian lawn bowls champion, Kelvin Kerkow, modelling the Team Aero Showerproof Jacket. Read on to find out more about Comfitpro clothing and shoes.

Comfitpro Shoes

Comfitpro shoes are made to the highest standards and are designed for comfort as well as aesthetical appeal. We sell a range of fashionable Comfitpro shoes for men and women that you can even wear beyond the green! Take a look at the selection here:

Comfitpro Ladies’ Shoes

The Aero Ladies Sprint is a fast selling bowls shoe that not only looks great, but is ideal for amateur or professional players. It benefits from a slip resistant sole and has a well shaped heel counter to help keep your stance correct on the green. Comfitpro shoes are as easy to clean, and are odour free too, as the EVA inner sole doesn’t soak up moisture! These flexible bowls shoes for women are available in sizes 4-7 and those based on the UK mainland don’t have to pay for postage. Comfitpro Aero Ladies Sprint are mainly white with blue trims and flashes.

Comfitpro Men’s Shoes

We offer two sets of stylish Comfitpro shoes for sale and both sets offer benefits to all types of players:

Aero Men’s Sprint

The Aero Men’s Sprint has all the benefits of the Comfitpro Ladies’ Shoe – and you can even wear this trainer style footwear out and about. It offers flexibility during play, is slip resistant on the green, and its inner sole is made to prevent soaking up foot sweat – so say goodbye to smelly trainers! You can buy Aero Men’s Sprint in sizes 7 – 13, with free delivery on the UK mainland.

Aero Men’s Hurricane

These are Comfitpro’s most cutting edge bowls shoes for men and they have all the benefits of the Aero Men’s Sprint and more. The inner sole has been designed to prevent foot odours and the shoes are non-slip too – to give you complete confidence during matches. You’ll notice the flexibility and support and they are so stylish, they’re perfect for use on or off the green. You can buy Aero Men’s Hurricane bowls shoes in sizes 8 – 12 (inclusive) and postage is free if you live on the UK mainland. This trainer style shoe is principally white, with black trims and flashes.

Men’s Jackets by Comfitpro

As a lawn bowls player, you know the importance of protecting yourself against the elements. Warm clothing, sun hats and waterproof jackets are just some of the must-haves to take with you to the club. The Team Aero showerproof jacket will keep you comfortable whatever the weather and is in one colour – white with a blue trim. Buy in sizes small, large or extra large.

About Bowls World

At Bowls World we believe in offering you the best possible products – including all the latest brand names. Browse our website for the Comfitpro range of bowls, bags and accessories to help improve your game! Click on the above link to find out more.

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