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Comfitpro Bags and Accessories

Comfitpro goes hand-in-hand with quality which is why Bowls World are delighted to introduce the Comfitpro range which includes precision made Aerobowls, along with highly sought after clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Australian made Comfitpro bowling equipment and accessories are designed with the serious bowler in mind, and have been endorsed by some big names in the bowling world including Australian international player Brett Wilkie and England bowls champion David Bolt.

Bowls World sell a full range of Comfitpro products including bespoke coloured bowls, men and women’s trainer style bowls shoes, Comfitpro bags, and men’s jackets. Click on the above link to view our products and to order online.

Comfitpro Bags

Comfitpro bags are designed with the needs of the bowls player in mind. They have room for accessories and clothing – as well as bowls – and are highly durable for frequent use. The majority of the bags fit into lockers with ease and are ultra stylish, so they can be used off the green too. Here’s some information on some of the Comfitpro bags sold by Bowls World.

Comfitpro Ultra Glide LX (with or without accessory/clothing bag)

This is a top of the range, chic-looking bowls bag that describes itself as virtually indestructible, with tear and water-resistant fabric. You can buy one with or without the accessory/clothing bag (to keep waterproofs in, along with shoes, grip waxes, polishing cloths, hats and visors). However, buy with the accessory/clothing bag and you’ll find it is spacious enough to fill with everything you need on arrival at the club. You don’t have to worry about over-filling the LX – it is super portable and has an extendable handle and wheels to prevent heavy lifting and reduce back strain.

The Ultra Glide LX keeps your bowls in perfect shape: its patented design means bowls can be tipped straight from the bag out onto the green. Other design benefits include handy storage space for all your essentials including a phone, keys, wallet and bottle holder.

Top names like Cambridge-born England player Ellen Faulkner and Cumbrian-born legend John Bell wouldn’t be without their Comfitpro products! Buy Comfitpro Ultra Glide LX from Bowls World in a choice of blue or green today.

Comfitpro Ultra Glide CX

This glide along bag is another superbly stylish bowls accessory from Comfitpro which is roomy enough to store bowls, waterproofs and accessories, but small enough to fit into most lockers. It has two bowls bags – which carry two bowls each – and like all the Comfitpro bags, your bowls can be tipped gently out onto the green.

As well as being highly robust, this elegantly designed bag is super light. Made to last, it benefits from waterproof and rip-resistant fabrics. Although it is smaller than the LX, it is built to the same quality and has a pull along handle for ease of use. It’s available in green or purple.

Again, by buying Comfitpro you’ll be following in the footsteps of all your favourite names including Mary Price, England Bowls Squad team manager, and English international champion, Graham Shadwell.

Comfitpro Probowler

Cheaper than the LX and CX is the Comfitpro Probowler which is a carry bag, rather than a pull along – and is lightweight but tough. Slip it comfortably over the shoulder or carry in the hand, and just tip the bowls out onto the green when you’re ready to play.

This holdall has been specially designed so it doesn’t collapse inwards, making it easier to carry. It also has ample storage at the front, side and top of the bag, and is waterproof so all your kit is protected! Buy this attractive and fashionable holdall in maroon, blue or green.

Comfitpro Accessory/Clothing Bag

If you like to have everything you need to hand, this appealing accessories bag provides the perfect solution! It is big enough to store your clothing and accessories, which are protected in all weathers by a handy waterproof cover. Rest it over your shoulder or slip it over the handles on your trolley bag to carry.

Comfitpro 2 Bowl Bag

This strong and stylish two bowl bag in red, blue or green, will carry just the minimum. But like the other bags in the Comfitpro range, you can unzip your bag, turn it upside down and you are ready to use your bowls. This design prevents any damage to the bowls such as chips and scrapes.

Comfitpro Accessories

As well as clothing, shoes and bags, Comfitpro has branched out into accessories too – read on to find out about products to keep your bowls in tip-top condition.

Comfitpro Bowls Dri

This is an amazing product that will dry your bowls in seconds – so there’s no need for repeated rubbing. Not only this, but used damp it will give you a great grip without the discomfort of a messy cream or sticky wax. It’s a fantastic two in one accessory you wouldn’t want to be without! Choose from a range of colours.

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At Bowls World we bring you all the latest products to help you be on top of your game. Browse our website for our complete range of bowls products and gifts. Click on the link above to buy.

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