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Carpet Bowls and Short Mat Bowls

Bowls World sell a wide range of carpet bowls and short mat bowls equipment, including carpet bowls, lignoid bowls, roll down carpets, mat handling units, scoring frames, fenders and other accessories. All of our short mat bowls and carpet bowls equipment is available to buy from our online shop and can be delivered to the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, US, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Portugal and Tenerife.

About Carpet Bowls and Short Mat Bowls

Carpet bowls and short mat bowls are both variations of the indoor game but there are distinct differences between the two. Short mat bowls is played on a 45 ft x 6 ft roll down carpet with full-size bowls. Instead of the ditch used in outdoor bowls, fenders mark the ends of the mat. It also has a daunting 18 inch block and a much heavier jack than the one used for lawn bowls or indoor bowls.

Played in several village halls up and down the country, carpet bowls involves a smaller mat, around 30 x 6 ft, and smaller bowls. It also has a circular block in the centre of the mat and no fenders.

Carpet bowls does not have the same level of publicity as other bowls games, although it is played at league and county level in the Midlands, the North and East Anglia. It also differs from short mat bowls in that a bowl must be delivered within an 18-inch delivery area at the front of the carpet and not standing on it, as in carpet bowls.

The bowls used for short mat bowls (Lignoid bowls) are sold in pairs, rather than sets of four, which lessons the cost. The most suitable bowls are those of a mid-bias such as Drakes Pride Professional, Taylor Ace, Almark Sterling Slimline or Henselite Tiger Pro. Carpet bowls including Henselite, Taylor or Drakes Pride are sold in sets of 16.

Carpet Bowls and Short Mat Bowls Equipment

Click here to buy carpet bowls and short mat bowls equipment online. Or read on for more information on our range of products.

Roll Down Carpets

Roll-down carpets for short mat and carpet bowls are available in different degrees of thickness and come in 45 ft or 40 ft or 30 ft x 6 ft sizes. We sell mats for medium and/or fast pace bowls or National Events.
We sell carpets in a variety of materials including green felt or synthetic fibre tops and rubber, latex or chip foam backings. A carpet with no underlay, but a felt top stuck back to back, is also available for fast paced games. Request a sample from Bowls World to help you make your choice.

Mat Handling Units

Mat handling units are used to store and transport short mat and carpet bowls carpets. They can store up to four carpets, depending on the size you choose, and have small cast wheels which can be locked into place when rolling out the carpet. The carpet can be rolled either up or down.

At Bowls World, we sell single, double or triple tier units for one, two or three carpets respectively. When storing more than one mat, it is advised to unload the bottom spindle last and load it first, to maintain stability.

Scoring Frame

To keep help keep an accurate score during games, we sell freestanding double-sided score frames on a solid construction. The score cards are marked home, ends and away and have tough, aluminium double-sided numbers coated in hard-wearing enamel, so they are long-lasting.


Fenders are used for short mat bowls only and are placed at both ends of the mat to prevent the bowls running out of play. Wooden fenders are sold as a pair and also include a centre block.

Circular Centre Block

This is a circular wooden obstacle placed in the centre of the carpet in a game of carpet bowls, to prevent players bowling straight up the middle (firing).

Centre Block

This is placed in the centre of the carpet in a game of short mat bowls to prevent players bowling straight up the middle. We sell 18 inch x 3 inch x 3 inch wooden centre blocks.

Drakes Pride Extra Heavy Short Mat Jack

A jack is the target object that bowls are thrown towards. An extra heavy jack is used in short mat bowls. Our heavy Jacks weigh approximately 30 oz and are only available in yellow.

Carpet Carry /Storage Bag

This is a portable storage bag for transporting 30 ft and 45 ft rolled up carpets.

Carpet Marking Tape

A carpet has to be marked out in specific ways, including where the jack is and where the centre block is. We sell a 50 m roll of reinforced carpet marking tape to assist with marking.

Target Bowls Diamond

This 4 ft x 4 ft brightly coloured square bowls target can be used as a fun way to raise funds for your club. Use it indoors or out for drives, gala days or charity days. It is hard-wearing and made of re-enforced vinyl.
Carpet Bowls Black

Carpet bowls use a smaller sets of bowls which are sold in sets of 16 (8 x black and 8 x brown). Normally they are bought and kept by the club, rather than the individual. We sell Taylor, Drakes Pride and Henselite.

Carpet Bowls (Colour)

Some people prefer to have a more colourful choice of balls. Drakes Pride offers a choice of any combinations of colours including blue, red and yellow. These are more expensive than the standard balls in black or brown. It is purely down to personal taste.

Lignoid Bowls

The benefit of Lignoid bowls is that they are solid in pairs for short mat use which lessons the cost when purchasing equipment. This is because, very often short mat bowlers do not need a set of four. They are available in sizes 00 to 5 medium and heavy weight (no 00 size medium). It should be noted that pairs of Lignoid Bowls are sold with a Valid Test Stamp but cannot be re-tested under WB regulations unless they are bought in sets of four.

Click here to buy carpet bowls and short mat bowls equipment online.

Henselite Bowls
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