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Buying and Selling Second Hand Bowls Through Bowlsworld

Would you like to upgrade your existing bowls for a more advanced model? Are you just not happy with their colour, or do you just have a set which you don’t need any more? In all of these cases, Bowlsworld can help you.

We are now offering second hand bowls for sale in sets of four, in part-exchange if required, to our UK customers – and you can even send your bowls to us for free. This is an additional service which is being offered alongside our comprehensive range of new bowls, bowls clothing and accessories.

Selling Your Second Hand Bowls Through Us

We will buy bowls of any make, model or colour. Just email us an image of all four bowls in the set, showing the date stamp. We will give you a price for them and can even collect them free of charge. They can be sold as a one-off, or in part-exchange for a new set. We will also accept other items, such as bowls kit bags, as part of our service.

You should also email us with your name and address, and details of how you would like to be paid. Within 24 hours of receiving your bowls, we will either pay funds into your PayPal account, or post a cheque to you.

What About the Collection?

If you let us know when the bowls are ready for collection, we will email you a label to affix to the box. They can be dropped off at a collection point close to you – usually a nearby convenience store or post office. We will give you details when we send the label.

Buying Our Second-Hand Bowls

We sell all our second hand bowls in individual sets of four on a first-to-order basis. As soon as we receive any order, we remove the bowls from the website, but of course this is not possible during closing hours. If the bowls you have ordered have already been sold before we have been able to remove them from our site, then we will email you and refund your account immediately.

We grade the condition of these bowls as either fair, good, very good and excellent, or ex-demo, so you know exactly what you are buying. If bowls are graded as being in good condition, for instance, then they won’t have any chips; if they are very good, then there won’t be any chips or scratches. ‘Excellent’ bowls are as new, but may have some slight surface scratching, while ex-demo models are under a month old.

If you are not totally happy with the bowls when you get them, then you may return them within seven days for a full refund.

How Popular Is the Service?

Martin Curtis, the owner of Bowlsworld, said: “This service is proving very popular, especially with people who have just purchased another set of bowls, or who have sets which are no longer used. It’s also popular with players who have mistakenly purchased the wrong size or model, or just want to change the colour set they have.”

Our Current Range of Second Hand Bowls for Sale

If you would like to see what second hand bowls we currently have available for sale for UK customers, then all you have to do is to follow this link. If you have some bowls which you would like us to sell for you, then you can email martin@bowlsworld.co.uk.

We still stock our wide range of new bowls, bowls clothing and accessories for players of all ages and abilities. To visit our online shop, click here.

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