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Bowls World Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

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Bowls World is this year celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since the company was formed in 1992, as a leading bowls supplier we have always moved with the times. This applies not just to offering the latest products, but also how you can buy them – you can place your orders online and receive a fast, personal service, as well as advice and recommendations.

Bowls World was established in 1992 by Martin Curtis, a county and national level player who felt he was having to rely too much on general sports shops for supplies. After Martin was made redundant, he set about filling the gap in the market by opening a specialist store with his wife Mandy. The rest is history!

Based in central Ipswich, Bowls World continues to go from strength to strength. We now send orders all over the world, to countries from Australia to Germany, Thailand to Cyprus and South Africa to Tenerife.

Martin said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating our 25th anniversary and we really want to thank all the customers who have supported us over the years.

“We have steadily expanded to meet demand from around the globe, but we are determined to keep our personal touch, and we only stock products we’d be happy to use ourselves.”

The Changing Sport of Bowls
The sport of bowls has changed massively over the centuries. In one of its early incarnations in the 13th century, two players aimed at a small cone, rather than the round jack it would later become. It also used to be played in alleys next to pubs and at one time the authorities were worried that people were playing bowls rather than practising their archery, vital in times of war. The sport was banned from being played in public in the UK, or only allowed with restrictions, for many years – but bowls took off and grew in popularity after the invention of the lawn mower in 1830 made it easier to create and maintain greens.

The game today is played on a variety of surfaces, from natural and synthetic grass to indoor carpet, all over the world. It has continued to evolve during the last 25 years. Scientific advances have brought different types of bowls products, while the governing bodies have in some cases altered the duration of the game to make it more suitable for a TV audience.

The sport has also been given an added splash of colour in recent years. You can now play with coloured bowls, rather than simply black ones; players are allowed to wear coloured clothing, not just mainly white; and the surface does not always have to be green – you could play on a blue carpet, for example. All this has helped bowls to update its image and extend its appeal, with players of all ages now discovering the sport.

Today’s game can accommodate all types of players, from local clubs to county level for the more advanced player, right up to national and international standard.

Bowls World, bowls accessories and equipment

Bowls World Today
Whatever your requirements and wherever you are, as a leading bowls supplier we can provide the bowls, accessories and equipment you are looking for. Our range has steadily expanded and grown over the years. Now, as we celebrate our 25th year in business, we are looking to the future and offering all the very latest in bowls and accessories. Our website is easier to use than ever before, making it simple to place an order, and we are also happy to give personal advice on which products are right for you.

The new Henselite Tiger Evo is one of the latest bowls to provide a splash of colour in what has, until recently, largely been a black and white game – at least in terms of the bowls themselves. It is available in a variety of colours and can be pre-ordered via our website.

The Bowls Eye is a measuring device which shows the distance between the bowls and the jack. It can be used on the green by players and is a more accurate method than the traditional method of using the fingers. It was invented two years ago in Australia and there was concern it was giving players who owned one an unfair advantage. But it has been cleared by the sport’s governing bodies and, as from this year, you can buy one via our website.

Our wide current range also includes flat green, crown green and second hand bowls, in a range of well-known brands, including Aero, Henselite, Taylor Pride and Almark. Bowls World can also provide a complete range of products for indoor bowls and a wide choice of branded clothing.

We supply junior bowls which children will find easier to grip, as well as a range of clothing in appropriate sizes. With accessories ranging from spray chalks bags to coaching books to balloting discs, from scorecard holders to stickers and pens, and from gloves to grip wax, Bowls World can supply the lot.

To find out more about Bowls World and our products, click here to browse our catalogue.

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