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Bowls Waterproofs

Bowls World sell a wide range of bowls waterproofs and bowls clothing to customers throughout the UK. We also ship our products, including bowls waterproofs to the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Spain, and South Korea. Ireland, the Channel Isles, Tenerife and Portugal.

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Part of the tradition of lawn bowls is that it has its own characteristic approach to clothing. Bowls clothing is as much about the games history as what the player actually wears. Bowls players needs to be smart with no gaudy colours or prints. They also need to be comfortable with ease of movement. When it comes to bowls waterproofs the clothing must be practical, and hard wearing too.

Bowls World’s full range of bowls clothing are suitable for indoor and outdoor games but particularly in the UK, where the weather is so unpredictable, bowls waterproofs are recommended for the serious player.

Rain no longer stops play and once a game has commenced it will play out until the end regardless of any alteration to the weather. It is therefore highly unlikely for a game to be stopped because of bad weather, so for today’s bowls player having bowls waterproofs is essential.

We stock bowls waterproofs for men and women from top manufacturers such as Emsmorn, Taylor, Henselite, and Drakes Pride. Our bowls waterproofs can deal with any wet weather situation, from jackets, trousers, skirts, gloves and hats. We also have other outdoor bowls clothing such as pullovers for the cold, sun hats to shield your eyes and of even all weather gloves.

Here’s a selection of our bowls waterproofs and outdoor clothing range for both men and ladies.

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Bowls Waterproof Jackets

Men’s and ladies waterproof jackets are made in both, Drilite or Ventilite fabrics. Our main brands are Taylor, Emsmorn and Drakes Pride. Until now many bowls players didn’t like to wear waterproof jackets as they hampered movement so as a result players would only put them on when they had no other option.

However, up to the minute fabric technology has made bowls waterproofs easier to play in and much more comfortable to wear when the rain sets in.

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Taylor Flexi-Dri Waterproof Jacket

The “Taylor Flexi Dri “is a great jacket to play in because it’s just like wearing a lined cotton jacket, very light, breathable and wind resistant. It’s secret is the scientifically innovative material it is made from, with an ingenious structure to help you achieve a smooth, non-restrictive delivery when playing. It’s flexible mesh lining and taped seams provide a relaxed fit. These are currently available in sizes XL and XXL only

Another trusted brand for waterproof jackets is Emsmorn.

Emsmorn Ventilite Lined Jacket

This is a unisex waterproof jacket, which has been recently improved using a breathable material. It is completely lined with a hidden hood and draw cords for the collar The pockets have flaps and are secured with studs making the whole jacket dry and cosy even in the worst weather. A vented mesh yoke at the back allows the air to flow around the garment. It is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL.

Emsmorn ‘Drylite’ Jacket

Another unisex, fully lined jacket, which is completely waterproof, this is made from ‘Teflon’ coated material making it totally breathable. It has taped seems, storm collar and cuffs with a hood concealed in the collar. It is available in sizes S36-38″, M38-40″, L40-42″, XL42-44″, XXL44-46″.

Bowls World also stock Drakes waterproof jackets.

Drakes Pride ‘Draytex ‘Jacket

This unisex jacket has a waterproof outer shell and knitted cuffs. The hood is tucked inside the collar. It comes in the following sizes S to XXL. (S) 36-38″, (M) 38 -40″, (L) 40-42″, (XL) 44-46″, (XXL) 46-48″.

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Bowls Waterproof Trousers

When the weather is particularly wet you will also need waterproof trousers to compliment your choice of jacket. Trousers need to be waterproof or as a minimum water resistant. Bowls trousers can often come into contact with the ground so they need to be machine washable and any marks left by wet grass to be taken out with ease.

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Taylor Flexi-Dri Waterproof Trousers

These match the ‘Taylor Flexi-Dri’ jacket and are made from the same modern material that allows optimum mobility when playing. They are weather proof, water resistant, breathable and won’t weigh you down. They are available in leg lengths 27″29″31″33″ and come in a range of waist sizes, fitting players from a 32″ waist right through to a 48″.

Emsmorn Ventilite Trouser

These unisex waterproof trousers match the Emsmorn Ventilite lined jacket made from the same new, breathable fabric. They have an elasticated waist and vents down the sides. Available only in white in a range of sizes from S to XXXL.

Emsmorn ‘Drylite’ Waterproof Trouser

To go with the Emsmorn ‘Drylite’ jacket, these unisex, Teflon coated, waterproof trousers come with an elasticated waist. There is one standard leg length and then a range of waist sixes.

Drakes Pride ‘Draytex’ Trouser or Skirt

A unisex waterproof pair of trousers or a skirt both with an elasticated waistband, to match the Drakes Pride ‘Draytex ‘jacket.

Bowls Waterproof Pullovers

If you want to maintain flexibility, even when it’s raining, but would rather not wear a jacket then a waterproof pullover is a great alternative. These will keep you warm and dry in inclement weather without impeding your playing style.

Taylor Flexi-Dri Waterproof Pullover

This has a half zip opening and three-quarter length sleeves. The hood rolls up and is stored in the collar. There is a handy pocket inside the pullover. To keep the garment snug to your body there is a drawstring around the bottom of the hem. The pullover is made from the same high quality, original material as the jacket and trousers, which gives you maximum mobility.

Something that is individual to the Flexi-Dri range of waterproof clothing is a medium grey coloured panel on the inside of the collar, the sides and under the arms. This helps to cleverly disguide soiling and dirt. It is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

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Other Outdoor Bowls Clothing

When playing outdoor bowls it’s not only the rain that can be against you. Our typical British weather can often be chilly one minute and sunny the next. You need to be prepared for wind, sun and rain and for warm days that turn into cooler evenings.

Bowls World offer a choice of nine different pullovers, slip-overs, sweatshirts and jackets for men. For our ladies we have a choice of three different zip up jackets and a formal blazer. We also provide a selection of ladies and men’s rainproof hats and caps as well as sun hats and visors and an all weather glove.

To keep out a cold wind Taylor has a ‘Windblocker ‘ jacket, which is light and perfect to slip on for evening matches. It is elasticated at the waist and zips up at the front. It comes in sizes, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
Or if you prefer Emsmorn’s range of bowls clothing then their ‘Windcheater’ jacket is fleece lined inside with a microfibre material on the outside. It has elasticated cuffs and a drawstring hem to keep out the cold.

Emsmorn also have a range of fleeces for when there’s not necessarily any harsh wind or rain but the day or evening has turned colder. The range includes a fleece jacket, waistcoat and reversible gilet in a variety of sizes.

Henselite now produce a new fleece jacket called the ‘Championship’ fleece. To aid movement this has stretch panels on the sides and for warmth it is completely mesh lined.

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