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Bowls Trousers

Bowls trousers may seem like unremarkable garments that you might see anyone wearing on a summer’s day, but it’s easy to forget they are in fact high-performance sportswear, and their importance is often overlooked. But not here at Bowls World. We know that as well as having the right styling to fulfil clothing etiquette, bowls trousers also need to give the player a high degree of flexibility during play while also retaining a smart appearance. Not only that, bowls trousers may be worn several times a week so need to be machine washable and fast drying, but without degrading the fabric or colour. For outdoor play they may also need to be waterproof or at least water resistant. And it helps if grass and other stains can be easily removed, especially for white bowls trousers. The fabric used to make bowls trousers is typically polyester based which provides most of these qualities, often with additional features such as extra stretch (e.g. Emsmorn’s bi-stretchtrousers) and Teflon coating.

Bowls Trousers
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White bowls trousers are by far the most common bowls trousers seen, as almost all bowlers who belong to a club are required to wear white on certain occasions, particularly for competitions. Some clubs or competitions allow grey trousers some of the time. In practice, most bowls players will find it useful to own a pair of each colour.

Bowls World sell a range of grey and white bowls trousers for men and ladies, which meet these exacting requirements, made by major manufacturers such as Emsmorn, Henselite and Taylor.

Here’s an overview of the ladies and men’s bowls trousers in our range.

Men’s Bowls Trousers

Men’s bowls trousers usually include plenty of pockets, with loops for a belt (which we also supply). Some include additional useful features such as a towel loop, a fob focket to hold chalk and a shirt gripper in the waist band to stop your shirt coming adrift during play.
At Bowls World we sell men’s bowls trousers by Henselite, Emsmorn and Taylor as follows:

Henselite Men’s Bowling Trousers are cut for ease of movement and pleated, with belt loops, side pockets and a back pocket. They also have a fob pocket and towel loop. Available in White or Grey, lengths 29, 31, or 33 inches, waist size 30 to 42 inches.

Emsmorn Bi Stretch Men’s Trousers are made from polyester which stretches in both directions, allowing extra flexibility. They have, side pockets, back pocket and fob pocket, belt and towel loops, and a shirt gripper in the waist band. Available in Grey, lengths 29, 31, or 33 inches, waist size 32 to 46 inches.

Emsmorn White Men’s Trousers are a plain leg trouser with side pockets, back pocket and fob pocket, belt and towel loops, and a shirt gripper in the waist band. Available in White, lengths 29, 31, or 33 inches, waist size 30 to 46 inches.

Taylor Men’s Sports Trousers are made of a special jersey-knit material which has cotton woven into the reverse side, giving a more comfortable feel against the skin, while the back waistband is elasticated for ease of movement. They have side and back pockets and belt loops, and feature stitching detailing on the front crease line to minimise ironing. Available in White, lengths 29 or 31 inches, waist size 32 to 44 inches.

We also supply a set of shorts for informal play:

Emsmorn Mens Shorts are in a modern design with a plain front and crease resistant, Teflon coated fabric. They have a tailored fit for smartness. Available in White, lengths 29 or 31 inches, waist size 32 to 42 inches.

In addition to these trousers we also supply an Emsmorn Leather Belt to add that extra level of smartness. A plain, good quality belt that will go well with any of the above trousers. Available in White or Grey with a simple gold coloured buckle, in a wide range of sizes from 32 to 48 inches

Alternatively, we can also provide a set of white braces, size 41 inches with cold coloured clips.

Ladies Bowls Trousers
Nowadays, most clubs are happy for ladies to wear trousers rather than skirts, in all but the most formal of situations, provided they are suitably smart and modest. Like the men’s trousers, the ladies trousers need to be plain, smart and designed to be flexible during play.

We sell 2 models of ladies bowls trousers by Emsmorn and Taylor as follows:

Emsmorn Ladies Trousers are made of a lightweight soft feel material with 2 elasticated areas for easy movement and are Teflon coated. They feature 2 side pockets with front zip and button fastening. Available in White or Grey, lengths 27, 29 or 31 inches, sizes 10 to 24.

Emsmorn Ladies Cropped Trousers are a smart, plain set of trousers with belt loops and front fastening. They feature an elasticated waist band and 2 side pockets. Available in White or Grey, sizes 10 to 20.

Other Bowls Clothing

As well as trousers, Bowls World supply a full range of other clothing for bowls players including skirts, tops and blouses in a range of styles and colour detailing, jackets and blazers, sweatshirts and knitwear, and of course, waterproof outerwear in Drilite or Ventilite fabrics.

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