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Bowls Hong Kong

Bowls in Hong Kong is a popular sport. In fact Hong Kong is seen among one of the leading nations participating in the game together with England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Bowls World sell a wide range of clothing, equipment and bowls to Hong Kong based players and to customers all over the world. Here, we shall including the history of bowls, Hong Kong, and how to buy from Bowls World.

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History of Bowls Hong Kong

The game has been played in Hong Kong for well over a century. The history of bowls, Hong Kong, began when a group of Scotsman who lived in Kowloon formed the Kowloon Bowling Green Club in 1900. The very first club house was opened in 1905 by Hong Kong governor Sir Matthew Nathan.

Since then, bowls, Hong Kong, increased in popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, and the club (next to the Kowloon Cricket Club) had its own greens available year round. These were separate to the main playing field used for cricket and lawn tennis. In the Second World War the greens were used to grow vegetables, but these opened again at the end of 1946 and are still in use today.

The Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association is an association of five divisions and 22 clubs. It was founded fifty years ago (March 1961) and a series of games and tournaments have been organised to commemorate its golden jubilee.

In the 1970’s bowls Hong Kong gained an influx of players, as many ex-pats settled here and popularity of the sport continued.

In fact, the Hong Kong International Bowls Classic, founded in 1981, is seen as one of the best outdoor bowls tournaments in the world. It attracts top players globally and includes a single and a pairs competition.

This tournament was originally a men’s event held annually in winter but has included a women’s competition since 2008. Hong Kong won the pairs title five times and Hong Kong’s singles winners have included George Souza Junior and Noel Kennedy winning in 1984 and 1994.

Among the top male bowls Hong Kong singles are Ken Chan, Jerry Ng and Raymond Ho. The top three women’s singles players are Winnie Wai, Mercredi Yeung and Joanna Nam (rankings relate to the three years between 2009 and 2011).

Bowls Tours Hong Kong

Bowls can be combined with travel for players living outside of Hong Kong. For those who want to try bowls in Hong Kong, there is a touring company which organises all inclusive bowls and sight-seeing tours around Hong Kong, China or Asia. The tours go to Hong Kong, China, Macau and other Asian destinations and are a good way to mix the sport with travelling and socialising.

Whether you are a professional or are just thinking of taking up the sport, Bowls World sell a wide range of bowls clothing and equipment to customers in Hong Kong at competitive prices. See below to find out more about our range.

Bowls Hong Kong – click here to browse our online shop.

Bowls Clothing Hong Kong

The Hong Kong bowls dress code is clearly defined for matches, national and international competitions.

For matches players, must wear white or cream coloured shorts, dress, skirts and trousers. Dependant on the weather, players can also wear sun hats, sun protection clothing and bowls sweaters. Lawn bowls shoes must be worn at all times and are also available to buy from Bowls World.

For league games and national competitions, players are to wear matching team shirts and these can either be white or coloured and with long or short sleeves. Singles players must wear bowls club shirts or uniforms.

The dress code for international competitions requires Hong Kong bowls players to wear matching shirts, skirts or long trousers.

Bowls World sell a wide collection of bowls clothing for adults and juniors by makes Henselite, Taylor and Drakes Pride. Our range includes men’s and ladies’ outdoor bowls clothing, bowls headwear – including sun hats, caps, visors and rain hats – water proof bowls clothing and jackets.

We also sell bowls trousers, shirts, tops, T-shirts, blouses, jumpers, fleeces, gillets, gloves and bowls shoes for men and women.

Bowls Hong Kong – Equipment Sold By Bowls World

Bowls World sell a wide selection of bowls equipment and accessories including flat green and crown green bowls and all our bowls equipment and clothing is available to buy in Hong Kong.

As well as a wide range of outdoor bowls equipment, we also sell indoor bowls equipment for short mat and carpet bowls including 30 ft and 40 ft carpets. In addition we sell bowls club equipment and coaching aids and accessories such as grip waxes, spray chalk, chalk holders, measures and scorecard holders. We also have a selection of gift vouchers and books for sale to customers in Hong Kong.

All our overseas orders are sent by UPS, which are three to four days trackable. We can also send items or equipment by DPD European road service, which has a two to three days arrival time.

Shipping costs are added to your order automatically once you enter your address online. This means that you can see your exact total of your order before you submit it to Bowls World.

To make buying simple for Hong Kong residents, you can use our currency converter to find out how much your order will be in Hong Kong Dollars.

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