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All You Need to Know About Bowls Eye – The Newest Product from Bowls World

Bowls World has unveiled its newest product – Bowls Eye, a lawn bowls measuring device that hails from Queensland, Australia. Also known as ‘Bowlseye’, this easy-to-use, innovative lawn bowls accessory was invented by keen player Dave Goode back in 2015. After a decade of using the traditional ‘crossed finger’ measuring technique, he felt there was a market for a more accurate tool to use on the green and started to formulate his own device. After consulting with the relevant bowls’ authorities to make sure the ‘eye’ didn’t break any rules of the game, Bowls Eye successfully hit the market a year later.

What Benefit Does It Bring Bowls Players?

In a nutshell, Bowls Eye is designed to accurately measure the distance between the jack and the surrounding bowls. It benefits from being much more precise than the traditional method, where lawn bowls players use their fingers as a measuring tool.

What Does It Look Like?

Just as the name implies, Bowls Eye is shaped like an eye and is a see-through Perspex disc with surrounding circles. It is used at waist height and is lightweight and portable, so it can be carried around in your pocket.

How Does It Work?

The ‘eye’ can be used after the first two bowls have been delivered. All you need to do is to place yourself over the head, hold the device at waist height, parallel to the ground and centre the smallest circle (in the middle of the gadget) over the jack. You can then use the surrounding circles to work out the distance between the jack and the bowls.

How Popular is It?

Bowls Eye has caused some controversy in the past as some players feared it created an unfair advantage against players who didn’t have this tool. That said, it has generated a great deal of interest and has already got the thumbs up from officials at the World Bowls headquarters in Scotland, who granted permission to use it. Mr Goode consulted with all the relevant authorities and made several prototypes at the start to ensure that his lawn bowls accessory complied with the rules. As a result, the tool was born and has been sold to lawn bowls players as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Spain and Malaysia.

Where Can I Buy it?

The Bowls Eye measure costs just £16.99 (£19.99 inclusive of VAT) and can be bought direct from Bowls World. It has not only been snapped up by lawn bowls players across the globe, but also friends and family of players who see the tool as the ideal birthday present, retirement gift or stocking filler at Christmas. Want to give it a try on the green? Just click on the link above to place your order. Bowls World offers free postage for deliveries within the UK mainland.

About Bowls World

We sell a variety of bowls, bowls clothing, and accessories including measures, tape, markers, bags and lawn bowls gifts.

To find out more about Bowls Eye, click on the link above to buy, or click here to browse the Bowls World  website.

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