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Bowls World – Our Launch of the New Club Range of Men and Women’s Bowls Clothing

If you are looking for low cost bowls clothing, Bowl’s World has recently launched a new range of sportswear aimed towards the budget conscious player. Our Club Range is designed for male and female bowls players who aren’t too concerned about brand names, or sporting a designer logo, but want high quality bowls clothing at reasonable prices. The Club clothing range is the perfect option for those looking for practicality at the best possible price.

The new Club Range can kit you out for bowls in all weather: from chilly evenings, to rainy or windswept afternoons. Choose from a wide range of clothing options: from waterproofs to fleeces, trousers, zip-up cardigans and V-necked sweaters. Most clothing items are available in white as standard.

Another benefit of the new Club Range is that you can get ladies’ and men’s bowls wear in a complete range of sizes from small to 5 x extra-large, so you can always find a size to suit you. So if you are looking for the great bowls clothing at even greater prices, Club bowls wear provides the perfect solution.

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Waterproof Bowls Clothing

Whether you are a newcomer to bowls, or an experienced bowls player, the Great British weather is notoriously unpredictable. It can be sunny one minute, drizzly the next, or you could be caught in a full blown rain shower. So the answer is to be prepared for every eventuality and this is just what you get with the Club Range, which offers cheap bowls clothing without compromising on quality.

In addition to everyday bowls wear, this range also offers a fantastic range of waterproof bowls clothing and here’s some of the products available.

For wet days or cold evenings, the Club Range Fleece Lined Showerproof Jacket is the perfect solution. It is designed to keep regular club players dry and cosy whatever the weather. What’s more, it is half the price of our branded range of clothing – so you are getting great value for money.

If you are looking for a lighter showerproof jacket, the Club Range Light Showerproof Jacket is a bowls clothing essential. Just keep it rolled up in a bag so you can have it to hand if there’s a sudden downpour. Other waterproof options are the Showerproof Jacket (Mesh Lined) which is cheaper than the fleece lined version.

To keep yourself warm on chilly evenings, the Club Range Fleece Lined Bodywarmer (for men and women) is ideal. It can be worn either over a T-shirt or under waterproofs and has two handy pockets to keep your bowls accessories in.

Also available in the waterproof range are waterproof bowls trousers, in a variety of sizes, and these have an elasticated waist band for added comfort.

Cheap Ladies’ Bowls Clothing

Waterproofs are not the only option in this bowls wear range, as there is also low cost bowls clothing for women bowlers who play regularly at club level.

Although most of the Club bowls range is available in white, we sell grey women’s bowls trousers in sizes 10 – 24, and in three leg lengths, so you can always find the ideal fit for your body shape. These benefit from an elasticated waist, so you can move in comfort during the game.

Club ladies bowls trousers are made from the same or similar materials as used by some branded companies – but the added bonus is that they don’t come with the same price tag, so you get amazing value for money.

Ladies bowls trousers can be matched with the Club Range Zip Up Cardigan (for men and women bowls players) to keep warm during play.

Low Cost Men’s Bowls Clothing

For a low cost comfy bowls sweater (without sleeves) men’s bowls players will love the white V-Necked Slip Over. It is suitable for outdoor wear in spring and summer and is available in small to 5 x extra-large.

However, if you are looking for warmer bowls tops, the Club Range Pullover (long sleeves) is a great option and is made to the highest standards. And, to keep the chill at bay, the Club Range Zip Up Cardigan will keep you warm and comfortable.

About Bowls World

Bowls world sell a complete range of men and women’s bowls clothing including: bowls trousers, bowls t-shirts, bowls tops, bowls waterproofs, bowls blouses, bowls shirts, bowls skirts, bowls cardigans and bowls shoes.

We offer free postage in the UK mainland and, in addition to this, Club bowls clothing is available from us with a full money back guarantee if you are not 100 per cent satisfied with your buy.

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