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Bowling Bag

Whether you have just taken up lawn bowls as a hobby or are an experienced player, aside from your bowls and sportswear, another essential is a bowls bag. A tough and durable accessory, bowls bags are designed for convenience and style, and they present an easy way to transport bowls, shoes, clothing and accessories to your local club, or to matches further afield.

Bowls World sell a wide range of bags for Flat Green and Crown Green bowls, in various styles and sizes. While some of our smaller bags are designed to carry a couple of bowls and a pair of shoes, some of the larger holdalls can take the weight of four bowls, plus other accessories. Some of the larger bowls bags can be hand carried, slung over a shoulder or wheeled to make it easier to transport.

Browse the Bowls World website today to see our complete range of lawn bowls bags. Or, better still, you might want to encourage a friend or family member to take a look – as any of the bags on our site make fantastic lawn bowls gifts!

Bowls Bag – click here to see our full range of bowls bags including mini bowls bags, trolleys and carriers.

About Bowls Bags

Whatever sport you choose to play, whether it is football, golf or lawn bowls, carrying all you need to and from the grounds is made easier with a sports bag that is suitable for your requirements.

As you progress in lawn bowls, you are likely to own more than one set of bowls, so a bowls bag is a must-have. While bags traditionally have enough space for two bowls, a pair of shoes, and a polishing cloth, some of the larger bags have space for a lightweight waterproof jacket and other accessories such as grip waxes and gloves. Certainly, if you are a regular at your club, it is far easier to transport all these in one, purpose built bag, rather than making several trips to and from the car.

If you are new to the game, it is worth keeping in mind that bowls balls are quite heavy to carry about. Lawn bowls can be up to 131 mm in diameter and weigh up to 1.56 kg, or 3 lbs 6 3/4 oz (a little bit more than one and a half bags of sugar). All our bags are strong enough to carry more than one ball. And, if you don’t want the trouble of lifting a heavy bag, trolley bags could provide the solution, as they are a bit like aircraft hand luggage which you can wheel. This is the ideal option if you have a lot to carry and the car park is quite a distance from the club you are visiting.

What Type of Bowls Bag Do I Need?

Bowls used to be made of a heavy wood, but are now usually made from a hard plastic composite material. That said, it is still quite difficult to carry more than one without an appropriate bag. As a beginner, a lightweight bowls carrier is the cheapest option and will probably be sufficient for your requirements. Mini or midi bowls bags are a good solution if you also intend to carry shoes and accessories, but maxi or triple decker bowls bags might be best for the more experienced player.

If you can’t take the weight of the bowls on your arm or shoulder, a bowls trolley bag presents a good alternative. These are our most expensive bowls ball bags, but they are easy to manoeuvre and take to games. They also offer a good choice if there are a few of you going to a game and you haven’t got enough boot space to accommodate everyone’s bags.

The Emsmorn Greenside Bag is just what you need if you want to take extra bowls clothing to home or away matches, in addition to your bowls. This is a clothing bag designed to carry waterproofs and other extras, and has a handy sleeve at the back which can fit neatly over your bowls trolley handle. Also from Emsmorn is the Bowls Bag Trolley, a hardy trolley which makes it easy to carry several large bags at a time. It folds up to make it simpler to store in the boot of a car.

Our bestselling bag to date (April 2014) is the Drakes Pride Airport Midi Bag which can be carried by hand, or over the shoulder. This hard wearing, polyester bag is available in a variety of colours including green, navy, aqua, maroon, gray, black or pistachio and can carry four bowls and a pair of shoes.

One point of note, is to try not to stuff your bag with too many items as this can be too heavy to carry. As a rough guide, four size 5 balls can weigh a total of 6 kg (13 lb 2 oz).

Which Companies Make Bowls Bags?

All the big bowls brands sell fashionable bowling ball bags including Emsmorn, Drakes Pride, Taylor and Henselite,Comfitpro, &Welkin. Bowls bags come in all colours from pastel shades, neutrals (such as white, grey, and black) and bright colours, as well as two tone shades including blue/black, pink/grey, green/black and red/black.

What Types of Bowling Ball Bags do Bowls World Sell?

Here, at Bowls World, we sell a wide range of bowls bags including bowls slings and carriers, sports bags and holdalls, shoulder bags and trolley bags. Click on the link to find out more about our lawn bowls bags

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