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Playing it Safe – Top Bowls Health Tips

Although it may seem unlikely, there are health risks associated with playing bowls, particularly in hot or extreme weather.

Bowlsworld, one of the leading suppliers of bowls clothing in the UK and abroad, takes a keen interest in all issues affecting the sport. Here are our top safety tips to follow which should give you many years of enjoyable bowling.

Learn the Correct Techniques…

If you are just starting out, it is worthwhile having some expert tuition from an experienced coach or player. They will show you how to play the sport in a safe, effective manner. A poor grip or an unsafe method of delivery can lead to muscular stresses and strains over a period of time. Make sure you choose a bowl which you like, is the right size and weight for you, and which you can grip comfortably.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, and you are worried that playing bowls will make it worse, then check with your doctor first.

…and the Rules

This is particularly applicable if you are playing at a local club, where there may be lots of games going on at the same time on the same green. A good knowledge of the game is not just good etiquette, it can also help avoid accidents – for instance, to stay well out of the way if you realise that a player is about to deliver a ‘strike/drive/fire’ bowl which could send the other bowls in the head scattering in all directions.

Watch the Heat

In colder weather particularly, make sure you warm up properly before you start playing. If you exercise your tendons or ligaments before the game, you are less likely to pull a muscle or joint. Similarly, give yourself plenty of time to cool down and exercise after your game is over.

In warmer weather, make sure you take plenty of liquid on board both before, during and after the game. Avoid alcohol and caffeine-based drinks, as these can cause dehydration rather than get rid of it. Stick to water instead.

It is essential to keep yourself covered up as this will provide protection against the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays, as well as avoiding the problem of sunburn. You should apply a sunscreen to any exposed skin, and don’t forget to wear a cap or visor. At Bowls World we supply Emsmorn sun hats, and sun visors, which look stylish and help protect you.

Wear the Right Clothing

It is important that you wear clothing appropriate to the time of year. Generally, outdoor summer bowls clothing is similar to indoor bowls wear. Trousers, shorts and tops are made in lightweight fabrics which won’t cause you to perspire too much or make playing too difficult.

In the UK, the climate can change very quickly, which means your clothing must be suitable for rain or colder temperatures – or you run the risk catching a chill or a cold. At Bowls World we can supply clothing which is appropriate to the conditions.

For playing in colder temperatures, we have a choice of knitwear, jackets, fleeces, pullovers and sweatshirts. You can also buy waterproof ladies’ and men’s jackets and trousers, and a selection of rainproof hats and caps, from our online catalogue.

Top-Quality Bowls Clothing from Bowls World

If you would like to know more about Bowls World’s range of bowls, bowls clothing and accessories, visit our online shop by clicking on this link. We stock many of the leading brand names, including Henselite, Emsmorn, Drakes Pride and Taylor. Free standard delivery is available to addresses within the UK, and same-day dispatch is available on most items.

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