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Bowls Measures & Measuring Aids

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Bowls Eye

Bowls Eye

New from Australia, the 'Bowlseye', The BOWLS EYE is a simple eye shaped transparent perspex disc featuring a number of concentric circles that can be used in the game of lawn bowls to accurately estimate the distance between the jack and surrounding bowls. At any time after the first two bowls have been delivered, a team member or marker can use the tool to efficiently and accurately gauge the state of the head. Supplied with a protective microfiber sleeve in choice of colours.

FREE Postage in UK Mainland.

Law 23.3 (part of): Examples of equipment or objects which, when used during an end, would not be deemed to be in breach of law 23.3 include cross-fingers and devices comprising concentric circles within a transparent frame which are held approximately waist high, and equipment or objects (such as a player’s foot) placed alongside or parallel to (but not directly between) the jack and the bowls.

Price: 16.66 (19.99 Including VAT at 20%)


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